First blog post

This is the post excerpt.




On the hunt….

Yet, another wordpress site with a closed release. No names mentioned. If you let me in, fine, if no, I’ll cry a little but I’ll live. I just really don’t want to sit through anymore drama about, “Who’s the motherfucker who uploaded my project on xxx site?!”  You know who you are (*cough*anon*cough*). So if there’s none of that going on in your “secret site,” yes, I would like to join.


Oh my, this is the second blog I’ve made in the pursuit of finding YAOI manga to read. You can visit my primary site at http://redfennec13.livejournal.com/ to get a general idea on what I do. Which really isn’t a lot. 😀 I’ve primarily made this site so I could try to gain access to The Anon’s blog which has recently been set to private. Please let me in!